Nomad Factory A.M.T. Multi Max

Nomad Factory has released updated versions of all its plug-ins.

Changes in the updates

  • All plug-ins (Analog Mastering Tools v1.1, Analog Signature v1.4, Blue Tubes Series v3.3, BlueVerb DRV-2080 v1.5, Essential Studio Suite v1.5, Liquid Bundle II v2.5, Retrology Motown Equalizers v1.1, Rock Amp Legends v1.6):
    • Fixed issues with Digital Performer.
    • Fixed drivers issues (Mac/PC).
    • General compatibility update and global minor fixes (Mac/PC).
  • Blue Tubes Series v3.3: updated ‘clicks’ problem BT Tempo Delay 3D.
  • Rock Amp Legends v1.6: fixed Mono/Stereo issue with Logic 8.

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