Pro Tools Expert has announced the release of Snapshot, a utility plugin developed in collaboration with Non-Lethal Applications.

Non-Lethal Applications Snapshot

Snapshot allows you to take a picture of anything you are using in your recording session and store it in the tracks of your DAW.

Got a sound on your vintage 1176 compressor you’ve set for the vocal? Snapshot it. Got a guitar amp setting you just love? Snapshot it. Want to recall the mic set-up on your cabs or drum kit? Snapshot it.

Snap it on your phone, send it to your computer and save it in your session using the free Snapshot plug-in. You can also add notes to each instance of Snapshot. It’s like a chinagraph for the 21st century.

Snapshot features

  • Stores images in DAW sessions.
  • Resizable GUI (100% or 200%).
  • Add text notes.
  • Almost no CPU load.
  • Load images from local disks or Dropbox.

Snapshot for Mac (VST/AU/AAX) is available for free, exclusively for the Production Expert Community. Windows support will be introduced in the near future.

More information: Snapshot