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Northernbeat Audio updates Monolisa to v1.12

Northernbeat Audio Monolisa

Northernbeat Audio has updated Monolisa to version 1.12.

The update fixes a bug making certain parameters lose their settings in saved host project files like EnergyXT.

The developer’s aim was to create a synth in SynthEdit, capable of doing some decent bass sounds. I think it manages quite well, and it’s easy to program.


  • Polyphony: Monophonic
  • VCO
    • Osc1
      • Saw and Square
      • PWM (Osc1 Square). Mode: Manual, Envelope and LFO
      • Semi-tune transpose (osc1 & 2 linked)
    • Osc2
      • Sub(square), White and Pink noise
      • Oscillator Mixer
  • VCF
    • 24dB Low-pass
    • 24dB Hi-pass
    • Cutoff and Resonance
    • Envelope intensity
    • Keyboard-tracking
    • ADSR Envelope (velocity controlled)
  • VCA
    • Main Volume
    • ADSR Envelope (velocity controlled)
  • LFO
    • Shape (Sine, Saw and Square)
    • Frequency
    • Modulation Source: VCF ADSR
    • Destinations: VCO, VCF and VCA
  • Keyboard
    • Trigger/Legato switch
    • Note Priority switch (global)
    • Portamento time
    • Pitch-bend range
    • Modulation-wheel intensity
    • Aftertouch intensity
  • Other
    • Main tune
    • MIDI CC
      • Portamento Time: 5
      • Main Volume: 7
      • Cutoff: 20
      • Aftertouch: 21
      • Legato On/Off: 68

Check Northernbeat Audio for more information and a link to download Monolisa.

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