Novaflash FreeFall

Novaflash has released FreeFall, MadRing, and Stolon, three free effect plug-ins for Windows.

New Novaflash plugins

  • FreeFall is a hybrid pitch shifter / delay effect. Categorized as FSU. The audio stream is cut in modulated block and manipulated by five possible sources. A combination of height, length and space are the core of the delay / shifter unit. A moving VCF is available to refine the resulting stream.
  • MadRing is a ring modulator and a tone generator. Essentialy based on 8 VCO and 2 noises generator, a large matrix allow many combinations to shape or generate your sound.
  • Stolon is a three low CPU parallel pitch shifter but not only: It can be used as a classic effect and / or like a polyphonic instrument driven by the midi keyboard usefull for harmony and choir effect.

Novaflash plug-ins for Windows (VST) are available to download at no cost.

More information: Novaflash