Novaflash Metaverb

Novaflash has released new versions of Metaverb and Phaztronic, two freeware VST effect plug-ins for Windows PC.

METAVERB is not the ultimate reverberation effect. If you need a pure good reverb try another one :)
METAVERB is a creative tool built arround two reverb tank (A & B) and based on three modules

Metaverb features

  • Filter LP, HP, BP 24dB
    • Modulation is a sine LFO, you can set the speed (BPM) and the depth (depth set to 0 = modulation off)
    • Trck (tracking) grab the input signal to drive the cut-off
  • Reverberation
    • Size, width and damp are standard parameters (Size set to 0 = reverberation off).
    • Color: on left, digital 80’s style, on right, smooth verb’, 12 o’clock, neutral.
    • A/B mod: swap smoothly between the two tank. Speed (BPM) sets the speed of cross mix.,/li>
    • Slope: on left, smooth transition, on right, hard transition.
    • Single: only Tank A is online.
    • Freeze: freeze the input buffer.
  • Tracking
    • This module allow some real-time handling from the audio input stream. You can set the individual amount inside each module (input set to 0 = tracking off).

Phaztronic is a phase shifter featuring 16 stages (screenshot). It features modulation with bpm and depth controls, phase parameters (center, width, stages & feedback), effect mix and master gain. Check the Phaztronic page for details on the MIDI CC map.

Both plug-ins are available as freeware VST effects for Windows PC.

Visit Novaflash for more information.