NOVAkILL has released BRAINkILLERv2mini and killerDELAY, two freeware VST plug-ins for Windows PC.

BRAINkILLERv2mini uses a new oscillator from Chris Kerry with built-in unison, allowing for lots of voices with low CPU usage. It has a brilliant sound that makes this synth something special. For that reason we have made two versions of it, one using the standard XE UI and another using the N3 graphic style, with slider-driven envelopes. Each has different presets and both can be used together.

killerDELAY is a multi-tap delay with 6 delay lines. Each one has it’s own multi-mode filter and distortion, with a common LFO that can be used to modulate the filter cut-off. The top four delays have a maximum time of 5 seconds, the other two will run up to 10sec.

Visit NOVAkILL for more information and links to download BRAINkILLERv2mini and killerDELAY.