NOVAkILL has released ULTRAkILLER and NEOkILLER III, two virtual synthesizer plug-ins for Windows PC.


ULTRAkILLER is our new flagship instrument, available only by purchasing our new album, I HATE GOD. It features two separate oscillators, each of which offers a choice of 3 different oscillator types – BASIC, UNISON and SPECTRAL. it also features two separate Vektor Filters with complex stereo routing options, 2 x 6-stage modulation envelopes with looping and assignable slope options, two tempo-synced LFO, a full modulation matrix, three separate distortion stages and a separate VCA Envelope [ADSR only]

NEOkILLER III is the latest in a long line of favourite killerz. The secret of it’s popularity is the super-fat Quad Oscillator from Sure, it aliases quite badly at higher frequencies [and sometimes with lots FM] but within it’s best range it sounds fantastic. This synth also features some of the latest gizmos from its big brother, ULTRAkILLER, like dual wide stereo modes and hybrid envelopes, along with a noise oscillator and lots of modulation options.

More information: NOVAkILL