Novation has announced Bass Station II, an analog mono-synth based on the classic original Bass Station.

To celebrate our 21st birthday, Novation is proud to announce the launch of Bass Station II – a powerful analogue synth that’s made for bass but equally well adapted to leads.

Based on the classic Novation BassStation from 20 years ago, Bass Station II has been completely re-worked for the 21st Century, with two filters, two oscillators plus a sub-oscillator, patch save and a fully-analogue effects section. Plus there’s a step sequencer, arpeggiator, a two octave (25-note) velocity-sensitive keyboard with full-sized keys and a powerful modulation section. There’s even MIDI I/O and USB connectivity.

novation Bass Station II

Bass Station II features

  • Analog synth – brand new version of the classic BassStation: Bass Station II has a pure analog audio signal path, reviving the spirit of the original BassStation with an all-new design optimized for bass.
  • Two distinct analog filters: In addition to the original ‘Classic’ BassStation filter, there’s a brand new ‘Acid’ diode ladder filter for squelchy 303-esque bass sounds.
  • Load and save patches: 64 factory patches on-board with room for 64 more of your own. Save more to your computer via USB.
  • Pattern-based step sequencer and arpeggiator: Bass Station II has an arpeggiator with a programmable step sequencer that enables you to store and call up patterns as well as quickly sketch out ideas.
  • Instant hands-on control: Instant hands-on control of the sound engine via a traditional analog synth control panel.
  • Two oscillators plus an additional sub oscillator: Bass Station II has two sync-able, tune-able oscillators with four selectable waveforms, plus a third sub-oscillator for generating enormous bass sounds.
  • Analog effects section: Bass Station II includes fully analog distortion and filter-modulation effects and a separate filter overdrive to add aggression and crunch.
  • Powerful modulation section featuring two Envelopes and two LFOs: Two ADSR envelopes for amp, filter, pitch and pulse width modulation alongside two LFOs with waveforms including triangle, sawtooth, square and sample & hold.

The Bass Station II is expected to start shipping in June, priced at £399.99 GBP / 469.99 EUR / $499.99 USD.

More information: Novation / Bass Station II