Novation FX Plug-in Suite

Novation Music has released the Novation FX Plug-in Suite, a collection of effects derived from Novations finest synths.

Novation has made some really rather special synthesizers, in fact our reputation was built on the Nova, Bass Station and of course the legendary Supernova series. The latter provided the inspiration for the Novation FX Plug-in Suite as producers sought to give that authentic, vintage Novation flavour to their music. This Plug-in Suite delivers effects derived from the flagship Supernova II synthesizer – with a modern twist. They include; Chorus, Delay, Tremelo, Phaser and the celebrated Filter Section with its filter overdrive and Q-norm functions. These effects were drawn from synthesizers used by Orbital, Jean-Michel Jarre and A Guy Called Gerald….

Novation FX Plug-in Suite features

  • Five effects from Novation’s illlustrious Synthesizer heritage
    Including the famously flexible, powerful filter featuring overdrive from the SuperNova II. Effects include Chorus, Delay, Tremolo, Phaser and Filter.
  • Affordable upgrade from your standard sequencer effects
    The Novation plug-in suite places sound-sculpting flexibility and professional solutions within reach of producers on even the tightest of budgets.
  • Powerful filter modelled on Novation’s legendary Supernova II
    Providing an array of features and a unique sound that sets it apart from any other filter on the market. This filter is also capable of mimicking Moog and Oberheim synthesizer filters, or the Roland TB303 filter.
  • Enhanced delay modelled on Novation’s legendary Supernova II
    With the addition of a high- and low-pass in-line filter, this delay can deliver funky dub-style effects or psuedo tape echo.
  • Unique Tremolo based on the Supernova II.
    Depth and speed controls sit alongside a new ‘Phase’ control help to produce fully variable auto-pan stereo spatial effects.
  • Chorus and Phaser effects
    Directly modelled on the Chorus and Phaser from the award-winning, industry-changing Novation K-Station synthesizer.

The new Novation Plug-in Suite will be available in January 2009 from a selection of pro audio retailers worldwide. Pricing has not yet been announced.

Visit Novation Music for more information.