The latest offer for members of Novation’s Sound Collective community is a trio of uniquely evocative plugins by Puremagnetik.

Comprising two effects and a synthesizer, the Lo-Fi Ambient Tools provides the electronic producer and sound designer with three intuitive, inspiring and experimentally rewarding production tools.

Novation Sound Collective Puremagnetik

The bundle includes the Verv synth which emulates sun-baked, tape-recorded vintage string machines. Pastfabric brings together granular and tape splicing-style audio deconstruction, and Fathoms is a self-contained ambience- and drone-generating effect based on pitch shifting, feedback delay and physically modelled reverb.

“While they may not be known to some, Puremagnetik’s plug-ins are certainly deserving of a big reputation,” says Sound Collective Product Manager Jonathan Campbell.

“Verv is a crazy concept, based on some old string synths but with a ‘Bake’ feature added on top – this makes for some beautiful lo-fi sounding tones. Pastfabric is something of a time travelling plug-in, reaching back into the past and bringing forward chopped-up versions of the incoming audio file to create super interesting ambient layers – a pure experimentation tool. And Fathoms is basically the ‘glistening pads’ cheat code that can turn almost any sound source into a beautiful, ambient soundscape. It works especially well with vocal samples!”

Worth $50 USD, Lo-Fi Ambient Tools is downloadable for free by all Sound Collective members until December 5th, 2019.

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