Novation has released version 3.2 of Automap Pro & Standard, digital audio workstation control applications for PC and Mac.

The world’s best DAW-control software gains full compatibility with Propellerhead Reason and Record, and much more!

Both versions of the longest established, most powerful and best implemented DAW-control application, Automap from Novation, have been updated to bring full integration with Propellerhead’s brand new Record software. On top of this, the v3.2 revisions of Automap Pro and Automap Standard feature enhanced support for Reason, plus other workflow optimisations, for unrivalled MIDI control.

Automap Pro & Standard v3.2 features

  • Full support for Novation’s Automap product range with Propellerhead’s Reason & Record — For the first time, users of Propellerhead Reason and Record can have full Automap control of their software. Now, unlike before, parameter names and values are reported back to Novation hardware controllers, and the mapping of hardware controls changes when the user switches between, say, the mixer and a Combinator rack. Previously, mappings using Reason’s ‘Remote Override’ function were static. Now, individual Reason Rack and Mixer parameters can be learned to any hardware control, wherever the user desires.
  • Control-range editing — The range of the controls in Automap can now be edited. This means that instead of covering an arbitrary range of between 0 and 1, Automap knobs and sliders can be programmed to operate over a restricted range that doesn’t include the whole of the parameter’s available values. In practice, this can be applied to a soft synth’s filter cutoff parameter, where the user only wants to vary the frequency over a limited range, not its full span.
  • New Button & Control types — There’s a number of new, easy-to-use Button types: Normal, Momentary, Toggle and Step, which help the user quickly set up the way they want to command their software without having to manually configure complex button characteristics. There are also new features to invert a controller’s behavior, reversing the direction of control in a simple click.
  • Support for Automap for iPhone & iPod Touch — Automap v3.2 is the first to support the Automap for iPhone/iPod Touch App (available now from Apple’s Appstore), which gives users of the handheld devices complete control over their music software.
  • Enhanced Plug-in Manager — Automap’s plug-in manager is where users can select and deselect the plug-ins that they wish to control. In version 3.2, this has been streamlined to allow multiple plug-in selection and deselection, and there’s a search tool to help track down specific software instruments and audio effects.
  • Cursor-driven Navigation — Users can use the cursor keys on their computer keyboard to scroll through the settings in the Automap Edit window, making it quicker and easier to navigate than ever before.
  • Improved Factory Restore function — An embedded function for restoring the factory settings of Automap-compatible hardware is now included. Just in case users get really carried away with the finer parameter tweaks in Automap and want to return their controller to its box-fresh state!
  • Home Page Icon — There’s now a ‘Home’ button in the Edit window to return the user to the Startup view.
  • QWERTY Keyboard Control [Pro only] — Users can now send ASCII (QWERTY) keyboard shortcuts from their Automap-comptible Novation hardware, for ultimate control over their music software.

Automap Pro & Standard v3.2 are available to download from the Novation website. The Pro version costs £19.99 GBP / $29.99 USD / €25 EUR.

More information: Novation