Version 11.0 of the Blocs music making app for iOS introduces Blocs Export, allowing you to send your Blocs Wave creations directly to Launchpad, and continue your music making.

Blocs Export

Blocs Wave and Launchpad now work together more seamlessly than ever, with Blocs Export.

Blocs Wave, released last year, has quickly become one of the easiest and most creative ways to start making new music, thanks to its inspiring discover and easy record modes. Launchpad for iOS remains one of the most powerful and popular iOS apps for remixing and performing music.

You can now start making music in Blocs Wave and send it to Launchpad with the new ‘Blocs Export’ feature, allowing you to make your own Launchpad Soundpacks.

By tapping the export button in Blocs Wave, your pads will open up in Launchpad where you can perform, apply FX and record your performances. Making changes is also a breeze – return to the Blocs Wave project in a single tap, switch out loops, record new vocals, and rearrange your ideas. Then just tap ‘Re-export’ and everything will be updated in Launchpad.

Changes in Blocs Wave v11.0

  • Blocs Export: send your projects from Blocs Wave to Launchpad for iOS.
  • Other Minor Updates: Various bugfixes and improvements
  • Recent features
    • Maximiser – New volume-leveling tool that improves the app’s output volume compared with other apps.
    • Launchpad Soundpack Sharing – Open Launchpad soundpacks in Blocs Wave.
    • Ableton Export – Send your Blocs Wave projects to Ableton Live.
    • Loop Start Marker – Create interesting variations by tweaking the start position of each loop.
    • Better Importing – Use Google Drive, Dropbox and many others with the document picker.

Blocs Wave is available for purchase for 2.99 EUR/USD/GBP.

More information: Blocs/ Blocs Wave