Novation has announced firmware version 1.4 of Circuit, the grid-based groove box featuring 2 polysynths, a drum machine and a sequencer.

Since its launch over a year ago, our regular updates to Circuit have brought transformative new features to the mighty groovebox. From Sample Import and Sample Flip to the Components suite of browser-based utilities, Circuit’s capabilities have gone from strength to strength with every new Firmware release.

Circuit v1.4 brings yet more features to Circuit, making it an even more powerful addition to any live or studio performance system.

Changes in Circuit firmware v1.4

  • Polyrhythmic Drum Patterns – You can now set the length of your drum patterns individually to create mind-bending cross-rhythms and pattern variations.
  • Instant Pattern Switch – Change patterns instantly and combine with automation for glitchy drum fills and beat repeats.
  • Session Colour Select – Now available from the unit; change your Session colour when saving.
  • Clock Settings – Improved setup page with more versatile MIDI control. Separate transmit and receive settings for MIDI clock.
  • Circuit Packs – All-new samples, synth patches and sessions to completely transform your Circuit. Use Components to load the new Circuit Pack and, of course, backup your existing work.

The new firmware is now available for download from Circuit Components.

More information: Novation / Circuit