Novation has released firmware version 1.6 of its Circuit sequencer, synth and sampler.

The update includes the single most requested feature, panning. It enables users to create audio landscapes or integrate with their favorite hardware.

Also new is Drum Micro Steps. This beat-building tool adds instant fills and stutter effects to your workflows, retriggering a sample up to six times within each step.

Furthermore, a new Light Dim is available to set the brightness of Circuit, and an FX Mute can be used to mute any unwanted FX, making it easier to connect with external hardware processors.

Our users are awesome, they’re always coming up with new ideas. Using the most requested features of the Circuit Owners group and other websites, we bring the community’s imagining of the Circuit sequencer, synth and sampler to life. Circuit v1.6 is the latest firmware update that we’ve created.

Changes in Circuit 1.6

  • Panning — Synth and Drum parts can now be panned left and right allowing you to dictate where you send audio tracks in the stereo field, or extract audio tracks into your DAW.
  • FX On/Off — You can now mute all FX from the FX View by pressing one pad. This is great in performance or to help when hard panning tracks to route to external hardware or into your DAW.
  • Drum Micro-Steps — Each step can now be sub-divided into six Micro-Steps on your drums tracks. This allows the creation of instant fills and stutter effects in your drum patterns and retriggering a sample up to six times within each step.
  • Brightness Setting — You can now set Circuit to ‘dim’ so that it’s more comfortable to use in dark environments. You can toggle ‘dim’ or full brightness modes from the Settings page (hold Shift when you power on).
  • Program Change Setting — Selecting Synth patches and Sessions now sends Program Change messages. These can be turned off using the newly added magenta pads on the Settings page (hold Shift when you power on).

Circuit v1.6 is available to download from Components.

More information: Novation / Circuit