Novation has updated its Launchpad app for iPad to version 1.11, which now has Performance FX available as In-App purchase.

Launchpad is an easy-to-use music making and remixing app for iOS. The app has ready-to-perform sessions spanning a range of different musical genres, and now it’s possible to add powerful performance fx to make your tunes truly unique.

Stutter and Gater FX repeat and chop up the sound creating builds and fills. An enhanced Autofilter brings powerful filtering to FX pads for breakdowns. The new Delay FX, adds a hint of vintage dub character to hits and breakdowns.

Changes in Launchpad for iPad

  • New Delay FX and Gater FX, create stunning fills and breakdowns.
  • Enhanced Stutter FX and Autofilter FX, add movement and dynamics to your music.
  • FX Pads have new animated graphics, focusing you on your performance.
  • A new Edit FX screen lets you tweak and perform your FX.
  • Track FX routing lets you target fx to specific tracks such as vocals, or drums.
  • Fully tweakable FX parameters for deep customisation.

Launchpad for iPad is a free download. The new Performance FX are available as an in-app purchase, starting at $1.99 USD/£1.49 GBP.

More information: Novation / Launchpad app