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Novuzeit has announced a bundle sale of the entire Novuzeit VST collection.

Jack Dark writes:

As of August 2007, NOVUZEIT has ceased VST production. NOVUZEIT products are still being sold, and will be sold for a while to come. However, as a “going out of VST production business” caveat, NOVUZEIT would like to extend this special offer

For a limited time, the Novuzeit Bundle costs $50 USD. It includes the following plugins:

  • Neon Black, hybrid synthesis synthesizer
  • Mega-Mogue, subtractive synthesis synthesizer
  • Iridesynth’s Revenge, phase distortion synthesizer
  • The Hands Of Darkness – “CLENCHED”, atmosphere generating synthesizer
  • NeoRetro DX, vintage & vogue video game synthesizer
  • PropheSea, subtractive vector hybrid synthesizer
  • X-FX series, a collection of 10 classic FX
  • Kinetic Visual Replay, useful insanity with déjà vu
  • Sizzle Spine, step-sequenced distortion unit
  • Motile, for extreme experimental audio manipulation
  • FX Lord, a multi-FX unit coupled with modulation matrix abilities
  • Voxelay, delay effect
  • This special Novuzeit Bundle deal is available until September 1st, 2007.

    Visit Novuzeit for more information and and demo versions of the plugins in this bundle.