Novuzeit has released Kinetic Visual Replay, a multi-effect VST plug-in.

Kinetic Visual Replay allows realtime control of FX units’ parameters with kinetic pucks, displayed in the center of the GUI.

Novuzeit Kinetic Visual Replay


  • 10 individual audio FX units: Bitcrushing, Scratching, Glitching, Granularation, Metallization and more
  • Each kintetic puck (FX unit parameter control) is tracked on screen in realtime, simultaneously
  • Custom background for the playfield
  • Direct recording and looping playback of realtime movements for each kinetic puck

Kinetic Visual Replay costs $30.00 USD and a demo version is available. (The demo has random periodic silence, only 20 presets, only a basic user manual and the Metal and Pitch FX Units do not allow Replay File recording)

Visit Novuzeit for more information.