Novuzeit The Hands Of Darkness - Clenched

Novuzeit has updated their commercial VSTi The Hands Of Darkness to v1.5, and renamed it The Hands Of Darkness – “Clenched”.

Clenched is a synth that creates dark, unsettling, and intentionally malfunctioning-sounding textures.

The original v1.0 of THOD is available as freeware now and is included in the Clenched demo download as a bonus for trying out the updated synth.

New in v1.5

  • Complete rebuild of synth, now a cleaner sound and (slightly) less CPU drain
  • New 70% more menacing GUI with all parameters labeled plus verbose tooltips
  • New features added like “Bad”, “Vile Corruption”, and “Evil”. Fun stuff
  • New HTMLized user’s manual – now you can understand this crazy thing
  • All FX units re:tweaked for more “ommpf” in the sound
  • New analog-filter module implemented, sounds much better than the old one did
  • More LFOs added, now nearly every parameter supports LFO automation now (even the ADSR)
  • Now includes over 80 presets

The Hands Of Darkness – “Clenched” is currently available for $34.95 USD.

Visit Novuzeit for more information.