Novuzeit X-FX Series

Novuzeit has released X-FX Series, a collection of 10 classic audio effects.

Jack Dark writes:

X-FX represents 10 high quality individual VST units (listed below) that offer traditional FX with enhanced control parameter options. For example, nearly every control knob on an X-FX unit supports its own individual LFO for self-automation. Most X-FX units allow tweaking of the left and right stereo channels independently (where sensibly applicable).

X-FX includes the following plugins:

  • Analog filter, vintage filter designed for analog warmth
  • Chorus, with large variety of options
  • Comb filter, including state variable filtering
  • Delay, interesting modulation options for glitchy weirdness
  • Distortion, decibel quantizing, bitcrushing and waveshaping
  • Overdrive, designed to emulate the sounds of a variety of tube amplifiers
  • Pan-Vol, LFO controlled volume shaping / stereo panning
  • Phlanger, a combination phaser and flanger unit
  • Reverb, with a few twists
  • Stereoize, turn your mono into stereo

The full version of X-FX gets rid of the random periodic silence and includes the user manual. You can purchase the X-FX series is currently only $20.00 USD.

Visit the X-FX page for more information.