Nucleus SoundLab Reason Wizardry

Nucleus SoundLab has announced Reason Wizardry, a series of advanced video tutorials for Propellerhead Reason 4, produced fresh and delivered electronically each month.

Through Reason Wizardry, you will benefit from the vast sound design experience of Nucleus SoundLab Lead Designer Jeremy Janzen. Since 2005, Jeremy has pushed the boundaries of sound design in Reason – first by implementing 100% unique Combinators in a Refill; followed by the first commercial effects Refill; and finally by introducing detailed and educational PDF documentation for each patch. In keeping with this history of innovative sound design and sharing knowledge, Reason Wizardry goes even farther to walk you through Reason’s inner depths.

Reason Wizardry isn’t meant to rehash the basics. It won’t show you how to create a pattern in Redrum or how to load a sample in NN-19. Instead, by assuming each user had already read the manual and has a basic knowledge – Reason Wizardry skips right ahead to the good stuff. Each month you’ll find out how to get the very most out of Reason devices, how to create your own sounds that step away from the cliches, and the not-so-obvious tricks that will save you time in your productions.

Reason Wizardry is available by subscription for $9.95 USD per month. A 12-month pre-paid subscription is available for $99.95 USD (includes a 30-minute ‘Getting Started with Thor’ bonus video as a free gift).

A free video excerpt of the July 2009 Wizardry issue is available from the Nucleus SoundLab website, both in Quicktime and Vimeo streaming formats.

More information: Nucleus SoundLab