Nucleus SoundLab MultiBoost Pak

Nucleus SoundLab has released MultiBoost Pak, a collection of multi-patches for use with Stylus RMX.

Stylus RMX comes with the wonderful ability to layer loops, fx and tweak grooves – then save the results as a ‘multi-patch’. Did you find the multi-patches that ship with Stylus RMX inspiring? We did. Did they leave you wanting more? That’s where the MultiBoost Pak by Nucleus SoundLab comes in.

NSL lead sound designer Jeremy Janzen has focused on pushing the boundaries of whats possible with RMX multi-patches – creating totally new grooves from the core sample material included with RMX. Layering, chaos, muted layers, fx, and edit groups are all put to full usage.


  • 130 hand-crafted multi-patches for use in Stylus RMX
  • Covers a variety of BPMs between 58-145
  • Suitable for various musical styles, including filmscore, dance, idm, ambient, ethnic, downtempo and more
  • Many patches include muted layers, which when unmuted can completely change or mutate the groove!
  • Fully compatible with Stylus RMX 1.51c on Windows and Macintosh

MultiBoost Pak is available now for electronic distribution ($29.95 US).

Visit Nucleus SoundLab for more information.