Nucleus SoundLab OB Resurrection

Nucleus SoundLab has released OB Resurrection, a new sample library focused on evolving the classic Oberheim sound into the new millenium. This sample library is available for Wusikstation v3+, Reason 3, EVE2, and Soundfont/SFZ.

OB Resurrection relies on a large waveform base drawn from various Xpander and Matrix synths. Every classic sound is represented: Brass, Strings, Bells, raw Saw/Square/FM waveforms, Clavs, EPs, and many more. Not only that but a significant portion of the waves were created by running the synths through various analog and digital FX to create never-before-imagined Oberheim sounds!


  • 450mb (32-bit format) of carefully sampled/looped Oberheim waveforms
  • 85 unique soundsets
  • 453 Wusikstation presets authored by the very best Wusikstation designers – Tim Conrardy, Pro-Sounds, Ugo, tasmodia, elv, rsmus7 and more
  • 128 EVE2 presets by Pro-Sounds
  • The Refill version includes 64 amazing Combinators, as well as 85 NN-XT patches

OB Resurrection is available now and costs 39.95 EUR for a Single-Format download, 49.95 EUR for the Multi-Format download, or 54.95 EUR for the multi-format DVD (incl. international shipping). (a 10% discount is available for NSL customers)

Note that the Multi-Format version includes the raw SoundFont/SFZ files exclusively – which are highly useful for importing into a variety of hardware/software samplers.

Visit Nucleus SoundLab for more information and some mp3 demos.