Nucleus SoundLab Viral Free

Nucleus SoundLab has released Viral Free, a demo of the Viral Outbreak series of samples.

Nucleus SoundLab gives these samples away, with the knowledge that after trying Viral Free, musicians will be infected with the desire to purchase the full Viral Outbreak set.

Viral Free consists of

  • 170+mb (32-bit format)of royalty-free samples.
  • 16 soundsets in Wusikstation, SFZ (Rapture and Dimension) and Kontakt formats.
  • $10 discount voucher for the full 2+gb and 750+ presets of Viral Outbreak Volume One!
  • 24 Wusikstation presets included with more on the way!

Note that in order to accomodate a reasonable download size, the multisamples in Viral Free have been slightly scaled down. So rest assured the full set sounds even more alive and vibrant.

So check out the Nucleus SoundLab website and get infected!