Nucleus SoundLab VS Resurrection

Nucleus SoundLab has released VS Resurrection, the second volume in the Nucleus SoundLab Resurrection sample line, based on the vector synthesis of the Prophet VS.

VS Resurrection includes all 94 classic waveforms from the VS – as well as 14 more complex, filtered and effected waveforms. Using these waves as a starting point, Nucleus SoundLab designers created patches ideally suited to Wusikstation’s strengths. The result is a eminently playable, rich – and very ’80s digital’ – sample library.


  • 600mb (32-bit format) of carefully sampled/looped VS waveforms
  • 108 unique soundsets
  • 300+ Wusikstation presets authored by a variety of talented Wusikstation designers – tasmodia, Daniel Kemp, Vera Kinter, and elv
  • Each Wusikstation preset has the XY pad fully mapped to a variety of parameters – as a tribute to the original VSs vector synthesis

VS Resurrection is available for Wusikstation v3+ and Soundfont/SFZ and costs:

  • 29.95 EUR for a single-format download
  • 39.95 EUR for the multi-format* download
  • 44.95 EUR for the multi-format* DVD (including international shipping)

* The multi-format includes the raw SoundFont/SFZ files exclusively.

Visit Nucleus SoundLab for more information and audio demos.