Nucleus SoundLab Ambient Drums

Nucleus SoundLab has released an updated version of Ambient Drums, a percussion library for Reason, Wusikstation v4, DK+, Battery 1/2, DR008, and Kontakt.

Since its release in May 2006, Ambient Drums has gone on to be the highest-selling product in the Nucleus SoundLab lineup. As a tribute both to our loyal customers and to the excellent samples themselves, today Nucleus SoundLab announces a large update to Ambient Drums.

New in Ambient Drums

  • 32 brand-new, awesome, unique Combinators by Adam Fielding for the Refill.
  • A new Refill demo that showcases these sounds.
  • 128 mind-blowing Wusikstation V4 patches by Daniel Kemp.
  • Ambient Drums is now sold exclusively as a multi-format product including all formats, for just $29.95 CAD downloadable. Thats over 30% off the old multi-format price.

This update is free for all Ambient Drums owners (including multi-format files).

Visit Nucleus SoundLab for more information.