Nucleus SoundLab Viral Outbreak

Nucleus SoundLab has released version 1.5 of Viral Outbreak VSTi, a Wusik engine powered virtual instrument plug-in based on the sounds of the Virus TI hardware synthesizer.

Changes in Viral Outbreak VSTi v1.5

  • GrooveBox step-sequencer component now added and integrated into VSTi. With this component you can sequence entire tracks inside Viral Outbreak!
  • FX .dll added to package. This can be used to add Viral Outbreak as a VST effect to your tracks.
  • 136 brand-new presets by Tasmodia and Jeremy Janzen. Most focus on complex GrooveBox sequences. Additionally, 44 of these presets have been added to the Favorites folder.
  • HQ Selector for each layer. When selected, it will oversample 4 times the current layer. This option is saved per preset and also in the project/song.
  • New Modulation-Matrix Destinations: All Envelopes Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release levels (All Amp and Mod Envelopes).
  • Lots more, details in the changelog.

Viral Outbreak VSTi is available for Windows PC for $124.95 USD. A demo version can be downloaded.

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