NUGEN Audio will present its latest innovations in audio and loudness management for the music and audio post-production communities at the 140th AES Convention in Paris.


“As an increasing number of audio streaming services are using loudness normalization, built-for- purpose metering is even more critical for the music producer. At AES, we’ll show attendees how the latest updates for MasterCheck can help them mix audio according to the new loudness criteria, maximize dynamic range, and optimize the listening experience for streamed audio.”

— Jon Schorah, Founder and Creative Director, NUGEN Audio

Mastering for Music Streaming Services: MasterCheck
At the AES convention, NUGEN Audio will introduce updates for MasterCheck, the company’s acclaimed plug-in that empowers producers to create music in the new audio paradigm of loudness normalization for music streaming.

Loudness normalization and true-peak limiting techniques are now the norm for streaming services such as YouTube, iTunes® Radio, Spotify, and DAB radio. With MasterCheck, producers are able to mix audio to these new criteria and understand not only how algorithms from the major streaming platforms will affect the mix, but also how the music will sound on consumer playout devices. In this manner, producers can assure the quality of the audio all the way down the transmission chain to the listener.

The MasterCheck updates to be showcased at the convention include important new presets for Spotify and YouTube and support of the new AES streaming recommendations. In addition, MasterCheck now includes a new compact mode for those working with limited screen space and laptops, as well as improved Apple® Retina® Display support and new solo buttons for individual channel auditioning.

ISL 2 True-Peak Limiter
ISL 2 provides music producers with true-peak compliance, essential in preparing audio for streaming services because it prevents the distortion that often results from the codec conversions required to deliver audio via online platforms. ISL 2 provides highly robust, transparent true-peak limiting suitable for high-end mix and mastering applications and is available in surround, stereo (ISL 2st), and Avid HDX versions (ISL DSP).

Halo Upmix Stereo to 9.1 Option
At the AES convention, NUGEN Audio will highlight an all-new option for Halo Upmix, the company’s solution for upmixing stereo audio to surround. The 9.1 option allows the introduction of vertical positioning into the upmix, generating a 7.1.2 (Dolby® Atmos™) bed track-compatible upmix. Available in Avid AAX, VST, and AU formats, Halo Upmix automates the creation of a stereo-to-surround, downmix-compatible upmix with unique center channel management and spatial density controls. Combining several technologies, including frequency and time-domain energy distribution and neural network artificial intelligence, Halo Upmix enables producers to target various upmix goals, including full stable surrounds, exact downmix matching, and/or full dialog isolation.

Loudness Analysis and Correction Software
NUGEN Audio will demonstrate its latest loudness management software including Loudness Toolkit 2, a complete solution for loudness metering, correction, and true-peak limiting at the workstation. NUGEN Audio will also highlight LMB Processor for server batch-file loudness analysis and correction.

Both LMB and Loudness Toolkit 2 include options for loudness range (LRA) targeting and measurement. LRA targeting is handled by NUGEN Audio’s proprietary DynApt™ Technology, which received a commendation at the IBC2015 Innovation Awards last year. NUGEN Audio’s system for LRA targeting and dynamic content repurposing uses DynApt to identify transitions and preserve dialog clarity. The solution works much faster than real-time, making it ideal for applications such as streamlining feature film adaptation for TV, delivering TV content to the Web, or delivering radio content for podcasts.

Visit NUGEN Audio at the AES Convention in Paris from June 4th-7th, in the Avid Plugin Pavilion, Stand 16.

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