NuGen Audio Line-up VST

NuGen Audio has released Line-up, a free delay unit VST plug-in for Windows.

Line-up is designed to allow the rapid, sample accurate line-up of multiple audio tracks. This can be useful in situations where the VST host does not correctly receive (or does not support) plug-in delay compensation (PDC) or where a VST plug-in does not report PDC correctly to the host. It can also be used to align audio tracks where direct editing is not desirable.

The Delay value can be set by clicking and dragging the mouse up and down the delay readout (holding Shift whilst dragging allows the values to be adjusted one sample at a time). To enter a value directly you can double click the box. Line-up features a Bypass control for easy A-B comparison.

To download Line-up you will need to login to your NuGen Audio profile page (easy one step email registration).

Visit NuGen Audio for more information.