NuGen Audio VisLM-H

NuGen Audio has released version 1.02 of VisLM, a loudness meter for Windows and Mac.

This update fixes an issue where the LRA (Loudness Range) value could give an incorrect reading when monitoring material with large periods of very quiet audio interspersed with short, loud bursts of sound.

VisLM features

  • Clear loudness measurement.
  • Real-time metering.
  • Loudness history (VisLM-H).
  • Audience specific loudness profiling.
  • True-peak level monitoring.
  • Program loudness matching.
  • Genre compatibility measurement.
  • Consistency assessment.
  • Historical diagnostic, 30sec-24hr.
  • Dynamic range profile targeting.

VisLM 1.02 is a recommended free update for all users. The trial period has also been reset with this release for those wishing to retrial the software.

More information: NuGen Audio / VisLM