Nugen Audio has announced updates for its SEQ-S and SEQ-ST linear phase spline ‘match’ equalizer plugins.

Nugen Audio Fluid Filter Morphing EQ

Morph between two sets of filter curves…

This update adds Fluid Filter Morphing to our powerful sonic sculpting and match EQ plug-ins. Now you can morph between two sets of curves with highly versatile controls for creative effects and controlled scene transitions. Get even further ahead with SEQ-S and SEQ-ST – two of the most powerful EQ plug-ins available.

SEQ-S and SEQ-ST allow versatile sonic sculpting and EQ matching (up to 7.1 with surround capable SEQ-S).

With stereo L/R, mid-side operation and automated spectrum analysis, massage and correct any audio with incredible resolution that you just can’t get with a traditional parametric interface.

SEQ-S & SEQ-ST features

  • High definition sonic sculpting.
  • New fluid filter morphs.
  • EQ Matching.
  • ‘Perfect Space’ sampled notch facility.
  • Three fully independent EQ envelope pairs.
  • L/R & M/S operation (surround up to 7.1 with SEQ-S).

SEQ-S and SEQ-ST users can now sign up for the latest beta with fluid filter morphing.

More information: Nugen Audio