Numark has announced the introduction of its new DJ2GO2 Touch, the successor to the popular DJ2GO2 portable DJ controller.

Numark DJ2GO2Touch

DJ2GO2 Touch is a portable, pocket-sized DJ controller with the ability to scratch with capacitive touch jog wheels. With a built-in sound card and Serato DJ Lite-ready, it fits perfectly in front of any laptop gives the DJ the ability to perform hot cues, looping and sampler effects.

“Our DJ2GO2 Touch is pure DJ fun in an amazingly convenient, grab-and-go size,” said Chris Roman, Senior Product Manager for Numark.

“You can do almost everything you can do on a full-size controller with the DJ2GO2 Touch, and even beginner DJs will want to get in on the action! With its capacitive touch jog wheels, Serato DJ Lite and compatibility with other DJ software, every DJ—from bedroom to mobile—will find the DJ2GO2 Touch a fun and useful DJ tool.”

DJ2GO2 Touch also features future-proof music streaming capability with TIDAL and SoundCloud as part of Serato DJ Lite. This degree of streaming music power is absolutely unprecedented in this controller category and sets DJ2GO2 Touch apart from any unit on the market.

The DJ2GO2 Touch has power like a large DJ controller. Beginner and professional DJs can perform light to heavy scratches and blend the mix by nudging the side of the capacitive touch jog wheel. It is perfect for all DJ styles to prep for gigs, perform at small events, as a space-saving extra setup for big events or as a great backup to a main setup.

Out the box, DJ2GO2 Touch comes with Serato DJ Lite and is upgrade-ready to the full version of Serato DJ Pro. For first-time DJs, Serato DJ Lite now comes with demo music, providing an easy onboarding tutorial that will walk you through the basics so anyone can start DJing right away.

DJ2GO2 Touch features

  • Capacitive touch jog wheels for scratching and mixing.
  • Portable two-channel DJ controller for Serato DJ Lite (software included).
  • TIDAL and SoundCloud capability included.
  • Built-in audio card with headphone cueing to create the perfect mix.
  • Song navigation and channel and master gain controls.
  • DJs can map DJ2GO2 Touch with other popular DJ software.
  • Multiple Pad Modes with cueing, looping and sample triggers.
  • Fits perfectly on top of any laptop.
  • 1/8-inch headphone output.
  • 1/8-inch main output.

The DJ2GO2 Touch will be available in January 2020, retailing at $79 USD.

More information: Numark