Numerical Audio has released Italizer – Dub Siren & Tape Echo, a new iOS app that is designed to deliver authentic dub sounds and effects.

Numerical Audio Italizer Dub Siren & Tape Echo

Italizer is a monophonic synthesizer paired with an authentic tape echo emulation. It comes with a customizable X/Y pad and standalone application, making it a complete solution for live sets and performances.

At it’s core, Italizer is comprised of a virtual analog synth voice including one multi wave oscillator, 2 lfos and one env/vca combination.

Italizer comes with an authentic tape delay built right in and includes dedicated effect send, time and feedback controls.

With it’s flexible touch controls Italizer is a joy to play and fits great into any live or DJ set.

Italizer features

  • Monophonic Virtual Analog Synth Voice.
  • Authentic Tape Echo emulation.
  • Performance oriented touch controls.
  • Tempo Sync (syncs both LFOs & Delay Time).
  • Standalone operation support for USB audio interfaces.
  • Audio Unit Extension.
  • Inter App Audio support.
  • Audiobus support.
  • MIDI Trigger & Remote Control.
  • Ableton Link.
  • Tap Tempo.

Italizer for iOS9+ is available for the intro price of $4.99 USD until October 3rd, 2017 (regular $9.99 USD).

More information: Numerical Audio / Italizer – Dub Siren & Tape Echo