Numerical Audio has released RF-1, a reverb app for iPhone and iPad.

RF-1 comes with a number of unique reverb algorithms including Tremolo, Ensemble and VintageVerb.

Numerical Audio RF-1 Reverb

RF-1 integrates with AudioUnit Hosts over Audiobus and Inter-App Audio and USB Interfaces.

RF-1 also comes with multiple reverb algortihms, a standalone application, true stereo processing and a plethora of tweakable controls.

RF-1 features

  • 5 Unique reverb programs:
    • Hall – Clean and bright sounding space with subtile modulation and gradually building density.
    • Plate – Dark, highly diffused sound with high initial echo density and dark modulation.
    • EnsembleVerb – designed for wide spaces with deep modulation.
    • TremoloVerb – Large, bright and always moving with amplitude modulation at the output.
    • VintageVerb – Dark, noisy reverb modeled after the first digital reverbs from the late 70s. (10kHz bandwidth / 12bit processing).
  • Space section with individual controls for Size, Decay, Predelay, Width & Damping.
  • Color section with high and low shelving filters, variable crossover, modulation frequency & amount.
  • True Stereo Processing.
  • Standalone operation with Mic/Guitar Input or USB Audio.
  • AudioUnit Extension for multiple instances running simultaneously.
  • Inter-App Audio and Audiobus support.
  • Universal Application.

The RF-1 app is available for purchase for $5.99 USD.

More information: Numerical Audio / RF-1