Numerical Audio has launched RP-1 for Windows and Mac, a dual digital delay effect plugin featuring long and short delay, flexible routing and stereo processing. RP-1 was first released for iOS.

Numerial Audio RP-1 dual digital delay

RP-1 combines a traditional time delay with an additional modulation delay providing a wide range of effect combinations ranging from simple slapback echos to ping pong delays, heavily modulated delays and more.

RP-1 features

  • Time delay section with delay times from 10ms to 2000ms.
  • Mod delay section with Chorus, Vibrato, Flanger, Pan, Tremolo and Phaser mode.
  • Flexible routing (Mod Delay can be set pre/post or bypassed completely).
  • Input section with High- and Lowpass filters (pre effect).
  • Stereo spread control and full stereo operation throughout.
  • Tempo Sync (Normal, Dotted, Triplet modes).

RP-1 (VST/AU) is available for the intro price of $5 USD until August 10th (regular $30 USD).

More information: Numerical Audio / RP-1