NUSofting has announced the release of Anything Mod, a new audio plug-in for Windows.

Anything Mod is a stereo audio effect plugin and a project to make it grow, so far it is a reverse delay, a ring modulator, a waveshaper, a comb filter, and a glitch generator, but it’s not a multieffect in the standard meaning.
Multieffect usually means that you have more than one effect module in the same plugin, they are separate modules with a fixed routing or assignable at best, while in Anything Mod the effects interact with each other, both in the audio path and in the parameters settings. That makes it a unique kind of modulator.

And my philosophy about it is to make a plugin immediate to use, not with hundreds parameters to learn first.

As the name would say, Anything Mod is a modulator with a wide range of applications, it can be used on voice, guitars, drums and percussions, and any synths sound. The applied sound modulation can be soft or medium to enrich the source, or extreme transforming the sound source into “something else”.

I will provide audio examples but you can have Anything Mod now for free! Yes Anything Mod 1.0 is free, it’s a VST plugin for Windows, in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Anything Mod comes bundled with another new free plugin: the “Tube Gain Booster”.
I wanted to add a feature to level the audio output of Anything Mod, which is quite variable, but I decided to make that into a separate plugin to be inserted after Anything Mod.
That’s for more flexibility, allowing you to choose between “Tube Gain Booster” or another limiter/maximizer.

Anything Mod for Windows (VST) is currently available as a free download. NUSofting is also looking to develop a Pro version of Anything Mod, for which it is looking for input on what features should be included (Custom GUI, Mac AU versions, etc).

More information: NUSofting