NUSofting DK+ 2.0

NUSofting has released version 2.0 of DK+ Virtual Drums, a drum sequencer plug-in for Windows.

DK+ offers 24 fully programmable drum pads, 6 output busses (3 stereo + 3 mono), an audio compressor/limiter for each stereo bus, a powerful step sequencer and many more features.

Changes in DK+ v2.0

  • Seq : 32 steps visible for each seq page.
  • Seq : extended toolbar for Track Functions.
  • Seq : easier track selection.
  • Pad : enhanced dynamic envelope.
  • Pad : smooth attack with variable time.
  • Pad : filter saturation.
  • Pad: FX send with new Reverb algorithm.
  • Large and easy to use tabbed GUI.
  • Kit and Style browser, with Save, Delete and Rename functions.
  • Updated kit library, with 48 kits from vintage drum machines to ethnic percussions.
  • 64-bit VSTi version.

DK+ 2.0 for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for $86 USD. The update from version 1.5 is $21 USD.

More information: NUSofting / DK+ 2.0