NUSofting has announced Public Beta stage #2 of version 2.0 of its Modelonia, a physical modelling synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

Modelonia 2.0 beta (large screen)

Modelonia 2.0 is a major upate, with many new features, new sounds and a complete, full-blown new manual of 50 pages!
You should really read that to get the best out of Modelonia 2.0.

Before using the plugin please read the “Must_Read_This_Before_Using_The_Synth.rtf” file incuded in the zip.

Changes in Modelonia 2.0 Beta (v1.992)

  • Fully functional, expires on 25/11/2015.
  • 359 updated presets included.
  • Many bugs fixed in this 1.992 update.
  • New large skin for bigger screens.
  • 50 pages pdf manual updated too.

The public beta is free to download for Windows and Mac (VST/AU).

More information: NUSofting / Modelonia 2.0 public beta