NuSpace Audio has launched Muze, a multi-purpose VST/AU reverb audio effect plugin that combines a 3D audio mixer with a high quality binaural near & far field model.

NuSpace Audio Muze

The mixer component enables tight control over the early spatial impression of the acoustic field while psychoacoustic models add essential directional cues to help localize sound; our reverb design integrates with the binaural cues, giving appropriate contrast for the early spatial impression to sit in.

Muze supports up to 8 input channels with an additional ninth summation channel that doubles as a delay unit. Channels are associated with point sound-sources in an interactive graphical display and have separate processing paths that come together in a shared reverb component. Create whisper effects, wide impressions, impossible spaces. Up-mix mono sources into stereo/binaural. Virtualize 5.1+ to headphones by placing virtual speakers on the sound-stage. Switch to the panning mode for speaker setups.

Muze features

  • 8 channel virtualization, each with automatable azimuth, elevation, and distance controls.
  • Adjustable listener controls for scaling interaural time delay and aligning yaw/pitch orientations.
  • Spin knob enables automatic head-rotation, unleashing new possibilities for different modulation effects.
  • Unique spatial-reverb design integrates specular & diffuse sound reflections with the HRTF model, producing an immersive reverberant field.
  • Reverb characteristics such as room size, sound depth, high frequency dampening/reverb times are automatable.
  • Delay unit integrates with the reverb, creating DUB-type effects.
  • Rendering modes togglable between binaural/panning processing.
  • All sampling rates supported for HRTFs.
  • Graphical display for visualizing sound-sources & listener position and orientations.
  • 40+ presets to get you started.

Muze is available for Windows and Mac (AU/VST), priced at $39.99 USD.

More information: NuSpace Audio