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Oberheim 8000 releases Atmos soundset for Dune 2


Oberheim 8000 has released Atmos, a soundset featuring a collection of 200 presets for the Dune 2 synthesizer by Synapse Audio.

Oberheim 8000 Atmos

100 Pads, 20 Atmospheres, 15 Basses & Dark Sounds and 65 Synths, presets for Dune 2 (Synapse Audio).

Atmos features

  • Pads – Each pad has modwheel to open or close filter or change timbre for sound. Most pads have velocity assigned to the filter ADR (attack, decay release) and few have expression wheel for other effects.
  • Atmospheres – Chords, textures or soundscapes for long evolving sounds. Each atmosphere has modwheel to open or close the filter or change the timbre of the sound. Some of the atmospheres have velocity assigned to filter or timbre, and a few have expression wheel for other effects.
  • Bass & Dark Sounds – Basses and sounds for lower tones (not bass but for dark timbre).
  • Synths – Includes many types of sound, from leads to pluck or pad like sounds.

The Atmos soundset is available for purchase for 30 EUR + VAT.

More information: Oberheim 8000 / Atmos

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