Ocean Way Audio has announced it is now shipping the Pro2A, HR4 and the HR4S, three new near and mid field monitors.

Ocean Way Audio HR4 Allen Sides

Allen Sides, Ocean Way Audio Founder & CEO, with the HR4 two-way, self-powered monitor.

Following their debut at the AES 139th Convention in 2015, the highly regarded HR4 and HR4S are now shipping to dealers and customers worldwide. Their revolutionary design offers a 100×40-degree dispersion pattern, allowing everyone in the control room to hear what the artist or mixing engineer has created. The massively accurate sweet-spot is due to a dual/hybrid waveguide system engineered utilizing 3D modeling and cast in a stone-like resin.

Company President Rick Plushner remarks, “There’s nothing that looks or sounds like these speakers; their sonic image is simply unmatched by any competitive monitor. We offer the HR4 series in a 2-way or 3-way configuration. Very big sounding speakers in a sleek 25.5″-wide, console-friendly design. Starting at $6,000 a pair, these self-powered speakers are accessible to a wide range of professional applications.”

Plushner continues, “The Pro2A punches well beyond its weight class comparing to speaker systems costing thousands more. At $3,500 per pair, they are an amazing value. Hearing is believing.”
Company Founder and CEO Allen Sides remarks, “When you are mixing, not hearing correctly is like shooting in the dark. When you bring in other musicians, artists and producers to hear what you have done, you want it to sound amazing, and with accurate monitors, you will know that when they play it in their cars or on other devices they will still be impressed. Ocean Way Monitors finally provide the complete confidence to make critical musical and sonic judgments. We are pleased that we have begun shipping these units to our dealers, who will distribute them to discerning users worldwide.”

More information: Ocean Way Audio