OddGrooves has released the Fill Pack, a collection of MIDI drum fills.

Are you fed up with trying to play those complex drum fills on a keyboard, or programming them in your audio workstation? Yeah, me too.

All those expensive drum samples sitting on your hard drive deserve a REAL drummer to play them. And while this goes for all drum grooves it applies even more to fills.

Enter The OddGrooves Fill Pack

OddGrooves Fill Pack features

  • Over 900 fills in 10 time signatures.
  • Recorded in a total of 6 different tempos.
  • Played by Swedish progressive rock drummer Magnus Brandell.
  • All fills are mapped for the following drum samplers:
    • Toontrack EZ Drummer/Superior Drummer
    • Addictive Drums
    • Steven Slate 3.0
    • General MIDI

The Fill Pack is priced at $29.95 USD (plus VAT for EU citizens).

OodGrooves has also announced a December Sale, offering 30% off on every OddGrooves product until January 4, 2010.

More information: OddGrooves / Fill Pack