Odo DrSid VSTi

Odo Synths has released DrSid (beta), a freeware VSTi drumsampler that resembles a C64 program and features SID sounds.


  • about 320 sounds recorded from C64 SID files
  • GUI resembles C64 program (the border of the C64 CUI is a kind of VU meter)
  • 3 animations controlled by a sine osc (speed and the range of the animation)
  • 2 bars and the logo

DrSid only has a few controls, to select waveforms and set decay, pitch and volume per sample, so it’s dead easy to program.

If the “demo scene” type animation is getting on your nerves you can make it stop by changing the values just above the Odo logo.

Fun stuff!

It’s not on Odo’s website yet so download it here.