Odo & Sink Livetweaker VSTi

Odo & Sink have released Livetweaker, a VSTi combining a 12 slots drumsampler, one drumsynth and a monophonic synth. It also features a reverb unit.

Livetweaker has various randomize controls (lovely!) so you can reach subtles variations on a snare’s pitch, a cymbal’s decay, or simulate the osc pitch instability of an old analogue synth, but you can also turn your pattern into something totally different after each repetition.

It comes with 2 skins and a huge library of 1200 samples (more than 400 have been recorded by Sink from vintage hardware drumachines and synths through tube comp, spring reverb, lofi samplers and filterbanks. Odo has also recorded more than 100 sounds from the C64).

Livetweaker has tons of controls and features, which you can read about in the comprehensive manual (PDF) bundled with the synth. It also has some information on how to install Livetweaker, a list of known issues and a MIDI CC map.

Livetweaker is released as donationware, which means you can use it without restrictions, but if you like it and use it frequently, you should consider to support Odo and Sink with a donation.

Visit Odo Synths for more information and a link to download Livetweaker.