Odo Synths Odd Odo Delay 2

Odo Synths has released Odd Odo Delay 2, a new version of the free dual-channel BPM syncable delay with resonant filter for Windows PC.

Odd Odo Delay 2 features

  • BPM delays: 1 to 1/16.
  • BPM dotteds: 1 to 1/16.
  • A BPM crosser with rates 16 to 1/32.
  • 2 filters for the delays with lowpass (12db/24db/36db), hipass, bandpass, low/hi/band/peak/notch ck and moog.

Odd Odo Delay 2 is available as a freeware VST effect plug-ins for Windows PC.

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