Odo Synths Six

Odo Synths has released Six, a simple FM synth VSTi plugin.

Six features

  • All the routings from the dx7 synthesizer and also some routings from different fm synths
  • 8 stage envelopes
  • Random option for easy patch generation
  • Fine reset button (because fine tune can be very ugly)
  • Every operator has a -6 to 3 octave knob
  • Fine tune and PW
  • Level and time knob for envelopes
  • Filter (12/low, 24/low, 36/hipass/moog 4/moog 8) has the same 8 stage envelope with time and level
  • PMD and feedback knobs
  • Effects: chorus, phaser and a stereo delay

This synth comes with a full bank of 128 presets and it is available as donationware. Unless you donate you will not be able to set any parameters with the knobs.

Visit Odo Synths for more information and a link to download a free version of Six.