Ohm Force Ohmicide: Melohman

Ohm Force has announced a 50% off reduction on Ohmicide:Melohman in celebration of it taking the title of bestseller from Ohmboyz.

To celebrate this beaten record, during 24hrs you all gonna benefit of a 50% off reduction. It will be next wednesday, May 21th.

You can pick up Omhmicide:Melohman for only 39.50 EUR (or 49.50 EUR for the pack) by using the promo code OHMICIDE-WILL-KILL-US-ALL

Current users of Ohmicide:Melohman also benefit from a 50% off reduction to buy any other Ohm Force plug-in (This promo will work only for individual plug-ins –and not bundles– without any quantity limits: you can pick how many you want, all at half price) by using the promo code THANK-YOU-OHMICIDERS-OF-THE-WORLD

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