Big Chocolate sample pack from Ohm Force

Ohm Force has announced the release of a new OhmfriendsONLY sample pack by Big Chocolate.

Now Big Chocolate aka Cameron Argon kindly shares with the ohmworld the stems of his – still unreleased! – “Sound Of My Voice” track, featuring Weerd Science & Lisa + an exclusive sample pack showcasing hand picked sounds from his arsenal. We’re talking about bass lines, drum loops, rises, voice FXs and much more, almost all sounds having been meticulously distorted by Big Chocolate himself with Ohm Force’s Ohmicide distortion plug-in.

Big Chocolate is an american Dj, Producer, Remixer, and Death Metal vocalist. Has sung in numerous Death Metal bands, including Disfiguring The Goddess, Abominable Putridity, and Burning the Masses. More recently he has been making waves either on youtube and on the electronic music scene thanks to his solo work flirting with dubstep and drum’n’bass, put together with his hot Chocolate sauce, of course.

The free sample pack is available to download from the OhmfriendsONLY Facebook page.

More information: Ohm Force

Note: those who don’t have (or want to create) a Facebook account can request a direct download URL on Twitter.