Ohm Force

Ohm Force has announced OhmfriendsONLY, a new section on its Facebook page providing free content from Ohm Force partners.

We’re progressively improving our presence on Facebook and have recently set up a “OhmfriendsONLY” tab on our page, where we’ll be giving away – always in partnership with some friend company/site/artist – some premium content to our users/fans/friends.

For a start we partnered with Puremagnetik – the NY based five star multi-sampled instruments “chefs” – to bring the exclusive DIGITAL DELICACIES instrument pack. A 250Mb bag with digital anomalies, 80’s synthesizers, oldschool gaming chips and more, available in Kontakt and EXS formats, ready for our samplers.

Could be a great sound source for IDM, new rave, progressive house, electronic music in general or even for just adding some tasty spices to a track.

Last but not least: despite we can nowadays presume that (almost) everybody is on Facebook, there are those who have good reasons to have never wanted to create an account. Feel free to tell these guys to give us a sign on Twitter and we’ll provide them with the direct download URL. (no Twitter neither? well… this pack is a high five for those who socialize at least at little bit)

The free Puremagnetik sample pack will be available to download for approximately one week.

More information: Ohm Force