Ohm Force Ohmicide: Melohman

Ohm Force has released Ohmicide: Melohman, a distortion type VST effect plug-in based on the Predatohm design.

Ohmicide: Melohman is organized around up to four frequency bands, each of them coming with their own Noise Gate, Dynamics, Distortion, Feedback Generator and all mixing abilities with just a twist of pre- and post-processing (distortion input, high shelf output…).


  • Phase corrected multiband stereo effect
  • Band distortion : a heap of modern sounding stereo distortions that can feedback
  • Band dynamic : alien compressor or expander, synchronized noise gate
  • Band stereo : optionally process in mid/side mode for more stereo field tweak-ability
  • First Melohman effect: midi controlled preset morphing or randomization. Remixers’ new absolute must?
  • Optional High Quality rendering (internal oversampling)
  • Great on guitar, bass, synth, and any living creature in general

The website of Ohm Force has been redesigned to match the tasty GUI of Ohmicide as well it seems.

Visit Ohm Force for more information.