Ohm Force has unveiled its first live demo of Ohm Studio, a real-time collaborative music making application in addition to a web based collaboration platform and a music driven online Cohmunity.

Following the announcement of the Ohm Studio – a real-time collaborative DAW/sequencer – Ohm Force is unveiling today the first Ohm Studio live demo, showing some of Ohm Studio’s collaborative features in action. It’s a standalone application for Mac OS X and Windows (in the video the prototype runs on two MacBooks) that will allow musicians from around the world to produce/edit tracks together in real-time.

This video was made at the Ohm Force headquarters (Paris, France) while the Ohm Server is in USA (they use the AWS solution by Amazon). Both laptops were logged into the same Ohm Studio session. Notice that all actions done on one side were automatically synced to the other side.

As announced at the Ohm Studio’s website, Ohm Studio will be a full fledged DAW/sequencer and we’ll be progressively revealing its features at www.ohmstudio.com. This “amateur” live demo is the first of a series, new video content will be released during next weeks/months. Anyone interested on participating in the beta-test can still apply for it at Ohm Studio’s website.

More information: Ohm Force